Professor is a pioneering school & sports uniform brand that manufactures and provides students from all-throughout Malaysia with high-quality schoolwear since 1982. We have dedicated the last 40 years to mastering the production of school uniforms using premium quality materials and skilled workmanship.

We are known for our long-lasting, highly durable, and premium school uniforms that generations of students have come to love and recognise.

The humble and beloved school uniform is part of every child’s life experience. It’s what they wear every single day as they head to school to play, grow, and learn valuable skills that will shape them as individuals later on.

School life can be tough, but students and parents have one less thing to worry about with the right school uniform that fits well, lasts long, and most importantly, provides the highest level of comfort. Which is why Professor is the school and curricular uniform brand for parents who want nothing but only the best for their children.

Why Choose Professor?

Our brand aims to help students achieve their highest potential through smart, durable, and well-made uniforms.