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5 Habits of Successful Students

Are Exam Results Everything? Some children absolutely love learning in school, while others dread entering the building and would rather stay at home. Does your child resemble the former or the latter? In Asia, parents commonly measure the standard of their children’s success based on their academic performance in school, particularly in their exams. In […]

2021 Edition: Ideas For Going Back to School in Malaysia

Good parents are actively involved in their child’s happiness and education. But prepping for your child’s first day of school can be a headache. You’ve already got a million things to juggle, and prepping for your kids to go back to school can be very overwhelming. So today, we’ll share some ideas to help with […]

Cara-cara Memutihkan Baju Sekolah Anak Anda Supaya Kekal Putih Berseri

Seperti semua sedia maklum, cuaca di Malaysia tidak dapat dijangka. Kadang panas terik, kadang hujan berhari-hari, berminggu-minggu. Anak-anak anda yang berpakaian baju sekolah tebal atau berlengan panjang amat mudah berpeluh, terutamanya mereka yang bersekolah pada sesi petang. Jadilah, mengetahui cara-cara memutihkan baju sekolah amat penting untuk menjaga kebersihan anak anda. Kebiasaannya, baju sekolah murah dan […]

Why Are Cloth Face Masks Suitable For Children With Sensitive Skin?

Face Masks Are Now A Necessity As a parent, you’d rarely leave the house without wearing a mask these days, let alone leave your children at school without one. Wearing a face mask is a wise decision. However, it also comes with its own set of problems. Some children are more prone to developing skin […]