2021 Edition: Ideas For Going Back to School in Malaysia

Good parents are actively involved in their child’s happiness and education. But prepping for your child’s first day of school can be a headache. You’ve already got a million things to juggle, and prepping for your kids to go back to school can be very overwhelming. So today, we’ll share some ideas to help with your child’s school prep routine:

  1. Set A Family Timetable

    Of course, to be organised, you have to set up a timetable for both your children and yourself. Children as young as six years old have the ability to understand routines and with the right encouragement, they’re able to follow the timetable. Be firm about bedtime, playtime, and homework while setting an example by following your own schedule. Adults need ample rest too, so hit the hay on time!

    Before your child goes back to school, allocate some time every evening to help them with their homework and get ready for the next day. Pack their bags with only the books they need for tomorrow’s lessons. This will make sure that they go on their first day of school well-equipped without missing any homework, books, sports clothes, art tools, and other things.

  2. Encourage Independence & Responsibility

    As your children grow up and progress through their school year, allow them some independence and give more responsibility for chores and schoolwork. Using the timetable, they should be able to know what to do at a certain time of day. As a result, you can free your hands for other matters since your children can pack their own bags, go to bath and bed on time. They may even help you out with house chores.

    Older siblings can help the younger ones with homework and school prep. But they both might still need your help with some homework, especially with that difficult math question and that long English essay. The first day of school can be very daunting for younger children who are more anxious. So, make sure you have time for them every day to come to you for help.

  3. Plan Meals & Grocery

    Growing children need all the nutrients they can, and they can eat a tonne! Make a weekly or monthly meal plan for the whole family. You can use whiteboards, spreadsheets, notebooks, or these meal planner apps you can download. Here’s another one! These meal plans will automatically be your grocery list as well since you would know what ingredients you’ll need.

    If you’re concerned about what your kids are eating at the school canteen, you can pack school lunch boxes. It’s a healthier option and provides another way to show your care for them when they go back to school.

  4. Prep School Clothes & Attire

    Get the week’s school attire all washed and ironed out by Sunday night. If your kids are already in secondary school, have them prep their own clothes and shoes. It’s important for their school uniforms to be clean, tidy and presentable. It helps with their self-confidence and makes them feel comfortable going back to school again.

    Don’t forget to buy school uniforms! You don’t have to buy 5 changes of school uniforms for 5 days of school. Wednesdays are co-curricular days and students wear co-curricular uniforms. If they have PE/PJK lessons on any other days, ask the school if they can stick to sports clothes for the rest of the day. Now, you’ll only be left with just 3 days to prep for formal school uniforms!

  5. Get Good Quality School Attire from Professor Uniform

    Never underestimate the importance of a good quality school uniform. Regardless of whether your child is in primary or secondary school, you’d want a uniform that lasts the whole year until your child has grown out of it. Wouldn’t it be nice if your child’s school uniform retains its white sheen all year long even after multiple uses and washes?

    High-quality school attire such as Professor Uniform can help ease your family’s school prep routine. It’s durable, comfortable and stays white after many rounds in the washer. Ironing these clothes is also easy since the cotton material used is of the best quality. Thus, you won’t have to replace your child’s school uniform so often, and you can save time prepping your children to go back to school.

  6. Get Durable Primary and Secondary School Uniforms Today

    The first day of school can be tough for both students and their parents. We always want the best for our children and ensure they get the best out of their education. That’s why getting ready for school is very important. When your children start their day right, they’ll feel more at ease in school, ready to learn and grow.

    If you’re looking to buy new primary and secondary school uniforms for your children, visit our Professor Uniform online store at this link.

With these back to school tips, we hope you’re now able to make your child’s school preparations better, faster, and easier. It boils down to good planning, discipline, trust, and a good quality school uniform that lasts long all year round.

From all of us here at Professor Uniform, we wish all parents and students the best of success in their studies and life!