5 Habits of Successful Students

Are Exam Results Everything?

Some children absolutely love learning in school, while others dread entering the building and would rather stay at home. Does your child resemble the former or the latter?

In Asia, parents commonly measure the standard of their children’s success based on their academic performance in school, particularly in their exams. In reality, adopting such a mindset may lead your child to prioritise their academics alone, whilst neglecting other important things such as sports and character building, which also heavily contribute to their success.

With that said, here are 5 habits of successful students that we think will inspire your child to strive for greater achievements in school.

What Are The Habits of Successful Students?

  1. Stay Organised

    Being organised and systematic are good traits to have. Many successful students practise these habits when carrying out a task, regardless of whether they are helping their parents with house chores or doing their homework. They possess laser-like focus when working on a task, and they never leave anything unfinished.

    Don’t fret if your child is not super-organised. Children do not become organised overnight and most of them are not born with this trait, rather it is something learned and cultivated over time. Start small by teaching your child to be organised such as throwing away unnecessary items and cleaning their rooms on a weekly basis.

    Gradually, you can teach them to develop a weekly timetable and stick to their routine. Of course, it’s not possible for them to follow a strict routine all the time, but making this a habit is a good start.

  2. Study Smart

    One of the most admirable habits of successful students is their ability to study smart. Being a step ahead of others is a good thing. This is a trait that sets many successful students apart from their peers.

    Before a new lesson is taught, such students will take time and initiative to read up on new chapters beforehand. We’ve also noticed that successful students tend to take short notes during classes to help them retain knowledge and information better, which makes them well-prepared for their exams.

    As a parent, you have the ability to inspire your child to study smart. You have more life experiences than them and are capable of suggesting more ideas and solutions to help them study more effectively in their school subjects. Teaching your child to study smart is one of the best habits you can instill in your children.

  3. Play Sports & Exercise

    Successful students are both mentally and physically healthy. These students allocate time for sports and exercise to keep their mind alert and focused. They understand that playing sports helps them to maintain a healthy lifestyle which decreases their risk of contracting diabetes and high cholesterol in the long run.

    As a parent, you can start encouraging your child to exercise regularly, as it helps to build both their confidence and self-image. You can begin by educating them on the importance of exercise and how it helps to release endorphins which reduces their stress levels.

    There is no doubt that sleep is important for your child’s growth and development. Exercising on a regular basis and staying physically healthy ensures your child will have a better sleep at night. This will also help to enhance their memory and effectiveness in learning.

  4. Discipline

    One of the most outstanding habits of successful students is their discipline. Students who possess good discipline know their responsibilities at school and in their personal lives.

    Such students learned the value of discipline from a very young age. They are independent and have good discipline in carrying out their tasks with little to no supervision from their parents. Young children can learn to pack their uniform and school bags each night. If your child is already in secondary school, you can help them practise self-discipline by teaching them to iron their own school uniforms.

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  5. Participate in Co-curricular Activities

    Other notable habits of successful students can be seen in their participation in school activities which go beyond conventional learning. A very good example of this is joining co-curricular activities. Such activities create a conducive environment for them to express their creativity and learn practical things which cannot be mastered by only reading textbooks.

    These students also participate in such activities to allow themselves to have greater exposure to communicate with other students outside of their usual classroom. This will eventually strengthen their communication skills and prepare them for life. The best thing you can do to equip your child with soft skills is to encourage them to join any co-curricular activities at school which they’re interested in.

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Encourage Children To Succeed Beyond Their Studies

Yes, we believe academics are extremely important. But a successful student is well-rounded in all aspects which include their academics, physical fitness, and character development. In our book, these are the best traits of what defines a successful student.

We hope that these top 5 habits of successful students will inspire you and your child to achieve greater heights in school and life together.

From all of us here at Professor Uniform, we wish all students the best of success in their academics and future!