Why Are Cloth Face Masks Suitable For Children With Sensitive Skin?

Face Masks Are Now A Necessity

As a parent, you’d rarely leave the house without wearing a mask these days, let alone leave your children at school without one.

Wearing a face mask is a wise decision. However, it also comes with its own set of problems. Some children are more prone to developing skin irritation when wearing masks for prolonged periods.

The internet is still buzzing about different types of masks such as surgical masks, cotton masks, reusable ones, and cloth face masks. However, the question still remains: which type of mask can help keep your child safe from coronavirus, and yet free from skin infection?

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How Do Face Mask Allergies Start?

Surgical masks are very different from cloth face masks. The former is made of synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, and rayon which are more likely to make your child sweat.

As a result, your child’s sweat and trapped breath will create a hot and moist environment underneath their mask, dampening the fabric and cause skin irritation.

In July, The Star interviewed General Practitioner, Dr Jim Loi. The doctor commented that he had seen at least 30 cases of skin issues due to the use of masks. As such, it is imperative to choose the right mask for your child in the fight against coronavirus.

If your child has sensitive skin, using a cloth face mask would benefit them more than surgical masks. We’ll explain more about the benefits of using a cloth mask below.

Why Are Cloth Face Masks Better For Sensitive Skin?

Here, we’ll explain why our cloth face masks are suitable for children with sensitive skin:

Coronavirus: Choose the Right Mask for Your Child

Since the pandemic, many brands have started selling their own line of face masks. For instance, Uniqlo’s AIRism face mask was one of the brands sold in Malaysia.

We have also been doing the same at Professor Uniform. Our cloth face masks were manufactured with product certifications from Intertek, SGS and GTT (Guangzhou Fibre Product Testing Institute) including other licenses in Singapore.

Our collection of reusable face masks and face shields are designed for both primary and secondary school students. They are available in a wide variety of fun and exciting colours for your child to express their individuality and match their school uniforms.

Our Face Masks for Primary & Secondary School Students:

Let’s Be Responsible Parents

Earlier in August, Nabil Ahmad was spotted wearing an expensive blue face mask at a local mall with his underaged child who wasn’t wearing one. This sparked a controversy among Malaysians.

Some netizens argued Nabil Ahmad’s child was only less than 2 years old, and was not required to wear a mask. However, others believe the child should wear a mask regardless of age.

Earlier, the New Straits Times reported that the World Health Organisation (WHO) stated that children under the age of 5 are not required to wear masks. We believe this advice from WHO should be followed. However, parents should exercise caution when deciding whether to bring their underaged child to shopping malls when the issue of coronavirus is still rampant.

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From all of us at Professor Uniform, we wish all students a great start in their school year in 2021.

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