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See What Our Customers Say

Still around after all these years, good selection of school and camping goods.

Calvin Low

Very well-equipped. Can buy many types of school uniforms, scouting equipment knives and pen knives. Things are pricey though.

Geh Tsung Chow

Open everyday and excellent and good quality uniform.

Seong Peng

Good quality brand. Staff is attentive and helped picked the best size of my daughter’s school uniform. She is satisfied with it and so am I.

Scrump Tr

The school uniforms have a very good qualities. Very comfortable.

Angel Mei

One stop shop for uniforms and accessories

Dzulkarnain Mansor

Place to find unique size uniform.

J. Jidwin

Kain pakaian sekolah berkualiti dan memuaskan.

Shahrul Sharin


Official Retailer for

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